Food should nourish and delight. We envision a world where people, animals, and the planet no longer have to pay the price for the meals on our tables—a brighter future made possible by sustainable nutrition.

Our Vision of Food



An ethical option that doesn’t subject animals and workers alike to abusive conditions in factory farms



More nutritious meat and dairy that contain less unhealthy fat and none of the antibiotics present in factory-farmed animals



A competitively priced alternative to sustainable foods that are currently too costly to produce at scale



A more efficient food production process that doesn’t consume the large amounts of grain, water, and land used by existing methods

Vision Into Reality

THE LANDSCAPE Our ongoing ties with regulatory authorities allow us to enjoy consistent operations and development across our international markets. Slide Proprietary technologies like our patented lactation media grant us a competitive advantage and unique access to the future of food. Slide Our efforts are amplified by a world-class team with global experience at biotech giants like Merck, Thermo Fisher, Pfizer, and Mead Johnson. Slide Leading industry partners offer invaluable support for our research, development, and production efforts, accelerating our progress towards commercial viability. Slide You desire for sustainable, ethical nutrition drives the demand that will help us bring our vision of food to life.

How It Started

It all began with cheese. Initially seeking high-quality milk to fuel her cheesemaking hobby, Fengru instead discovered the harsh realities of cattle farming.
Following a chance encounter with Max, the two like-minded partners henceforth set out to find a better way for the world to feed itself.

Where We Are Today

TurtleTree is a rapidly growing brand with a global presence. We have offices, labs, and research facilities in Singapore and the US, along with a team that draws its expertise from every corner of the world.

TO sustenance

We’re using modern cell-based technology to create sustainable food products that are better for the planet, better for the animals, and better for you.

Slide Cell samples are extracted from animals with care. Slide These cells are then allowed to proliferate in a unique growth medium. Slide The cells eventually grow into muscle fibers and dairy ingredients, which are then processed. Slide Cultivated meat and dairy are produced and ready for market!